BJC Opinion Pieces

A selection of opinion pieces form the BUdget justice Coalition.

Opinion Piece: Taking from Peter to pay Paul: A walk through the government’s special Covid-19 budget - By Tlamelo M Mothudi 30 June 2020

Opinion Piece: Fighting Covid-19 also requires intensifying anti-corruption efforts - Caroline James and Karam Jeet Singh

Opinion Piece: Universal basic income – an idea whose time has come - By Dominic Brown• 25 May 2020

Opinion: Education spending is falling and the Covid-19 budget has slashed it further - By Julia Chaskalson, Hopolang Selebalo and Daniel McLaren• 31 July 2020

Opinion: Covid-19 and freedom: The need for access By Zukiswa Kota• 3 May 2020

Opinion: Finding money to fight Covid-19: Transparency and participation are the bottom-lines By Zukiswa Kota, Sam Waterhouse and Julia Chaskalson• 15 April 2020

Opinionista • Neil Coleman • 7 July 2020: Supplementary Budget puts South Africa on the edge